About Me

Travis Huntley aka Natural is a Emissary of Love and the author of I Remember: I Am Eternally Divine.
Travis supports people with remembering there divinity so they can have the courage to live a purpose driven lifestyle.
His mission is to remind humanity of our inherent nature of oneness with nature, source and each other by being a beacon that lights the way to self realization.
He is a healer utilizing multiple modalities, meditation instructor, musician, poet, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, life coach and wellness guide.
Travis is living this affirmation of love for self and for all beings, and is extending this invitation to all beings.


  • Master of Ceremonies

    Facilitate Wedding Ceremonies, Host Festivals and Events

  • Life Coach & Wellness Guide

    Embrace your greatest vision. Step into the next version of yourself.

  • Healer

    I offer many modalities of mind-body-soul alignment, adapting to the perfection of our shared circumstance in service to your wholeness.

  • Inspirational Speaker

    Empowering audiences to step up and make a difference

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